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rotate patterns in illustrator

Scaling Patterns in Illustrator

There are several ways to scale patterns in Illustrator. This post and the video tutorial below will outline some of the differences and advantages of each. Just … [Read More...]

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Global Color Swatch Shortcut

I love a good trick! Here's a global color swatch shortcut for Illustrator that will speed up your swatch creation process: command(control)-shift drag a color … [Read More...]

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Art Brushes Class

March 2015: Illustrator 2, Module 3 is Live!

In the final module of Illustrator 2, you'll learn about working with images in Illustrator. Should I Place? or Embed? Do I need a Layer Mask or Clipping Mask? How do I trace photos and turn them into vectors? How do I work between Photoshop and … [Read More...]

Recolor Artwork Class

February 2015: Get Started on Illustrator 2 Today!

In my intermediate class Illustrator 2, you'll take your work to another level of complexity and creativity. Subscribers can access this class, the videos, the PDFs and art files. Click the link above to jump to the class page for more information. You can … [Read More...]


January 2015: Beginning Illustrator is Live!

We kicked off the new year with a class that was enormously popular on Renee Pearson's site: Beginning Illustrator! Now, subscribers can access this class, the videos, the PDFs and art files 24/7! This is the class that got a lot of former Photoshop-only … [Read More...]

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