Featured Illustrator Tutorial

An Illustrator Diagonal Stripe Pattern Tutorial

My latest video tutorial demonstrates how to make an Illustrator diagonal stripe pattern that repeats on a grid. You'll learn to make a single repeat unit of … [Read More...]

Featured Tip

Vector Art Resource: All Silhouettes

This FREE vector art resource is for silhouettes of people in action that can save time. My architect husband shared the website all-silhouettes.com with me, it's … [Read More...]

Illustrator Class News

February 2016: Hands On with the Pen Tool

My newest Illustrator class is live on TrainSimple.com! I’m so excited about my latest course, because this is the class I wish I’d had when I was starting out as a freelance Illustrator, trying to learn the Pen Tool from a software manual! Even with all … [Read More...]

January 2016: NYPL free downloads

On January 6th, 2016, The New York Public Library made over 187k digital items in the public domain available for high resolution download, including the image above. View this collection by artist E.A. Seguy as a book that you can flip through and download … [Read More...]

October 2015: Pattern Mode Pointers!

As much as I love Illustrator's Pattern Editing Mode, I can't say I'm completely raven about it. ;-) To me, it's an incredibly helpful, powerful feature in Illustrator that has a couple of frustrating limitations. Lesson number 7 from our Pattern Power … [Read More...]

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