Featured Illustrator Tutorial

Basics of Transparency in Illustrator

Learn the basics of working with Blending Modes and Transparency in Illustrator. This video tutorial is an excerpt from our class, Illustrator 2, and the topics … [Read More...]

Featured Tip

Global Color Swatch Shortcut

I love a good trick! Here's a global color swatch shortcut for Illustrator that will speed up your swatch creation process: command(control)-shift drag a color … [Read More...]

Illustrator Class News

September (14th-18th) 2015: Free Trial News Flash!

FREE trial this week! As I mentioned in the August newsletter, I've recently produced a series of short tutorials for TrainSimple.com. To promote it, TrainSimple is offering free access to the series Monday through Friday, starting September 14th. Each day, a … [Read More...]

August 2015: The Blob Brush in Illustrator

No, it's not a creature feature staring Steve McQueen, but a really useful Illustrator tool. This lesson from our Ink & Paint class will give you all the instruction you need to get up and running with the Blob Brush in 10 minutes! The merging behavior … [Read More...]

July 2015: Vector Smart Objects in Illustrator

This lesson from Illustrator 2 is one of my all-time favorites. I refer to it whenever I need a refresher on how to use Vector Smart Objects to work between Illustrator and Photoshop. Even I forget how I do things sometimes! This is a clear and concise … [Read More...]

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