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Pen Tool Illustrator Tutorial: Paisleys

Learning to use the Illustrator Pen Tool and and bezier curves takes time and practice. Practicing with paisleys can help you master smooth curves, S curves, smooth … [Read More...]

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Illustrator How To: Paste in Place

Cutting or copying and pasting is as basic as you can get in graphics software. This past summer I was spending a lot of time working in Adobe Flash and got into the … [Read More...]

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October 2015: Pattern Mode Pointers!

As much as I love Illustrator's Pattern Editing Mode, I can't say I'm completely raven about it. ;-) To me, it's an incredibly helpful, powerful feature in Illustrator that has a couple of frustrating limitations. Lesson number 7 from our Pattern Power … [Read More...]

September (14th-18th) 2015: Free Trial News Flash!

FREE trial this week! As I mentioned in the August newsletter, I've recently produced a series of short tutorials for TrainSimple.com. To promote it, TrainSimple is offering free access to the series Monday through Friday, starting September 14th. Each day, a … [Read More...]

August 2015: The Blob Brush in Illustrator

No, it's not a creature feature staring Steve McQueen, but a really useful Illustrator tool. This lesson from our Ink & Paint class will give you all the instruction you need to get up and running with the Blob Brush in 10 minutes! The merging behavior … [Read More...]

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