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Pattern Tiling Lines in Illustrator

The lines appearing in your repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator may just be screen tiling artifacts. Find out how to be sure, and what to do about getting rid of … [Read More...]

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Illustrator keyboard shortcuts

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Right-click (or control-click) the link to download a handy one-page PDF of Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts. This is an essential set of shortcuts, rather than an … [Read More...]

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Patterns in Illustrator

August 2014: Automatic Patterns Illustrator class is Live!

We’ve got another free class posted on the site! Automatic Patterns was created to help pattern designers working in Illustrator versions pre-CS6 to design repeat patterns that automatically update as you work. In older versions of Illustrator, before the … [Read More...]

swirl shop pen tool

July 2014: Swirl Shop Illustrator class is Live!

One of my most popular Illustrator classes is now available for free! View the complete Swirl Shop class on our password-protected video site. It uses the same password as Pattern Power. Tell your Ai-loving friends, and they can subscribe here to get the … [Read More...]

illustrator webinars

June 2014: Webinar Archive is Live!

Laura's Illustrator Webinar Archive Students from ReneePearson.com will be glad to know that our "Laura Time" chat recordings are now available to watch via illustratoring. Each video is an hour-long recording of live demonstrations, Q&A and camaraderie … [Read More...]

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