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Create Snowflakes in Illustrator

This fun video tutorial demonstrates how to draw snowflakes in Illustrator using strokes and the rotate tool. One of the most useful shortcuts you can learn in … [Read More...]

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Helpful Keystrokes for Mac

I posted recently about the Glyphs panel, it's a great way to find the hidden characters you need from a font. But I've managed to memorize a few keystrokes that … [Read More...]

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November 2014: Ink & Paint class is live!

One of my most requested classes is now available, with links and information on this page: Ink & Paint is a start-to-finish project that shows you how to make custom Calligraphic brushes in Illustrator and paint a floral design project. The class includes … [Read More...]

how to make greeting cards in illustrator

October 2014: Holly Shop class is Live!

We have another free class posted on the site, with links and information available on this page: Holly Shop is a start-to-finish project that guides you through the steps of making 3 personalized holiday greeting cards in Illustrator. The class includes 10 … [Read More...]


September 2014: Illustrator CC Web Patterns

My newest class on Creating Web Patterns in Illustrator CC is available now on Train Simple! In an hour-long Illustrator CC project, I show you how to create pixel-perfect patterns for use on the web, using Illustrator’s intuitive pattern editing mode, … [Read More...]

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